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Condensed Bio

Donna Ulisse, a Hampton, Virginia native, moved to Nashville Tennessee in 1984 and never looked back, always knowing her life would be musical. Finding her footing on Nashville’s famous Music Row, she started singing demoes and learning her way around a a good song and a studio, which would carve the path towards her major record deal with Atlantic Records in the early 1990’s. She performed on major shows of the times; Hee Haw, Hot Country Nights, Ralph Emory and Crook and Chase’s Nashville Now show. The releases of her singles and music videos garnered attention from fans all over the world. With life under her belt, she explored the songwriter waiting quietly inside her soul. It took the Clinch Mountains and the solitude of her father-in-law's lovely mountain cabin to hone the writer she is today and through these songs, Donna was led into the beautiful world of Bluegrass, where banjoes and mandolins surround her songs like a warm blanket.

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Official Music Videos

Official Music Videos

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