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Wee Farm Musings #567  July 14, 2023

Good cloudy but cheerful morning from the Wee Farm, land of the happy goats and bored cows, plump birds and hefty barn cats thinking they have a smorgasbord at our bird feeders. Farmer Rick found wild critter food yesterday that I am quite sure our deer and raccoons, skunks and opossums enjoyed through the evening hours. Why, we have a regular old petting zoo right here in our backyard.

Yesterday was all about posing and changing clothes. Yes, the photo shoot went spectacularly, I’m so relieved. Being an old girl in a young girls business is hard, I’m tellin’ ya. I was dreading the camera with every ounce of me…(I would have said pound of me but I’m still thinking I’m skinny in my mind and the Goat Girl can still dream). I wasn’t as prepared as I usually am and you know what? I think I was overthinking the whole process in the past. I showed up with about 15 different outfits thrown together and some jewelry, a large selection of cowgirl boots and freshly washed hair at 8:30 in the morning and by 9:30 I was grinning and moving around in front of the camera. We had the whole thing shot by noon and I loved it! I also had time to film some clips on the stories behind the songs after the photo shoot was done. I don’t know what the pictures look like yet but I can testify to the talents of Megan Clark (make up and hair) and Kim Brantley (photographer) and Brice, the videographer! The day was a joy for me. Thank you Billy Blue Records…you sure know how to spoil me.

Today I am going to try and put my closet back in order, lol. I really tore it up looking for outfits, whew. I’m also making Mac salad for an outdoor party, whoooooo! I’m going with the full intentions of having a big time. Now that the pressure is off about the pictures, I can draw an easy breath and act up! With that being said, have yourself a day filled with acting up, okay?

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